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Inform Me Radio, International is a News media that publishes news on the internet via socials ( Social media handles ), and broadcast online live and recorded. We had our broadcast for 4 years on the terrestrial airwaves on Speed 96.9 Benin City
Inform Me Radio, International was birthed because of the concerns of people not having access to hard facts and information the public can use. Knowing the rises involves and the difficult price to pay in providing depth of information, Inform Me launched a program Inform Me Biz Show in January 2017 where we deeply revealed the dealings of Government and the private sector in the business arena.
In 2018, we diversified our content and begin reaching out very deeply on Lifestyle Programming. This resuscitated the name to change to ” Inform Me Business and Lifestyle Show”. Then, in the year 2020, saw the launching of our broadcast studio and our first international broadcast leading to our Online Radio Broadcast.

With a flow of public-centered programming, INFORM ME RADIO, INTERNATIONAL hopes to liberate the minds of Nigerians at home and in diasporas to trigger cohercion in the polity and inspire the government to pilot agenda and push policies that will truly develop Nigeria.

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